Learning & Policies

We follow “The Early Years Foundation Stage” document, this provides a framework for the learning and development for children from birth to five. There are three prime areas and four specific areas in the programme:-

Prime Areas

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development – making relationships, Self  – confidence and self – awareness
  • Communication and language – Speaking, Understanding, Listening and Attention
  • Physical Development –  health and Self-care, Moving and Handling

Specific Areas

  • Mathematics – Shape, Space and measure. Numbers.
  • Understanding of the World – The world, Technology, People and Communities
  • Literacy – Reading and writing.
  • Expressive Arts and Design   –  Exploring and using media and materials, Being      imaginative

Children’s active learning is underpinned by Playing and Exploring, creating and thinking critically. 

Saplings paintingThe babies are provided with a wide range of toys, equipment and treasure baskets to support and stimulate their individual development. It is important that they feel comfortable and “at home”. The greatest resource is the adults and the interaction that goes on between them and the child.

The 0 -2 room supervisors will discuss with you any routines and procedures which you would like us to follow for your child to ensure that their transition between home and Saplings is as smooth as possible. A daily diary is also completed within the 0-2 room so that you area aware of the activities and experiences that your child has had throughout their time with us.

As the children grow older they have continuous access to the several well resourced areas these include:-

  • A role play area
  • A creative area where they can play with paint, playdough and clay, make pictures with collage or paint and use their imagination to build 3D models.
  • The book area is a cosy quiet area where they can enjoy books on their own, with a friend or with an adult. Stories are read and rhymes are sung. Here the love of reading is started.
  • Mark-making encourages emergent writing, fine motor skills and communicating with a purpose.
  • The Snack bar and Saplings Restaurant make healthy eating a fun and social activity where independence is encouraged.
  • Ready access to the outside play area encourages physical and creative development where the children experience play with sand and water, make large constructions, role play in the house, dig and plant, ride and balance.

Whilst the children are playing the staff are always on hand to help them to participate in and extend their learning through play. They also observe each child and record their findings in the child’s “Learning Journal”. In this way the child’s interests and next developmental step can be provided for. This also forms the basis for the “Record of Development” that is written in conjunction with the parents and follows the child to another setting or school.

Through the Continuous Provision within the environment the children will be offered opportunities to be:-

Creative with paint, play dough, clay, gloop, box modelling, printing, sticking, cutting and mark making. There will be opportunities for the children to participate in a variety of creative experiences introduced by the adult.

Imaginative through experiencing large role play, group small world play, individual small world play, expressive dance and music led by the adult.

Physical using bicycles, scooters, balls, hoops, tunnels, climbing and balancing equipment to run, ride, balance, throw, dance, walk, crawl and roll.

Healthy through attention to healthy foods at snack time, tea time, lunch time and good hygiene routines.

Able to communicate through: stories, books, mark making, singing, rhymes and conversing with children and adults.

Independent by having an environment where there is choice and the opportunity to play alongside and with others whilst having the attention of a key adult who respects and acknowledges the child’s individual needs. Where the child is encouraged to self register, help him or herself at snack time and develops good hygiene routines.

Investigative through exploring the properties of sand, water, soil, first hand experiences within the immediate environment, problem solving and mathematical development.

Feel part of the community through walks, visits and visitors.

Organisation of the day

Throughout the day the children will have opportunities to take part in:-

  • Self registration and welcome circle
  • Snack time
  • Story time.
  • Talking time with the Key Person
  • Music and dance time

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