Management Committee

Saplings Day Nursery is a committee-run Nursery. The Board of Directors is formed mainly from parents. They all give their time on a voluntary basis and all members undertake a Disclosure and Baring service check to ensure their suitability to be involved with young children. The Board of Directors are responsible for employing staff, forming policies, decision-making and the financial aspects of running the Nursery.

All parents are welcome to come and join the Board of Directors which offers opportunities to be involved in the running of the Nursery and to get to know other parents. There are three main officers within the Board of Directors; the Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary. The Board of Directors also help arrange fund raising events where all proceeds go directly to the Nursery.

We are a member of the Preschool Learning Alliance, which provides information and support, as well as running training courses and other activities for staff and interested parents. The committee has regular meetings to which the staff members are invited, enabling us to work well as a team. There is an Annual General Meeting, usually in October, to which all parents are invited to attend.

The Board of Directors hope that you find the prospectus helpful and are only too pleased to answer any queries that you may have.


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