Policies & Development

Full details of Saplings policies are available within each room and in the main office full copies will be produced upon request. It is essential that every parent/carer is familiar with all policies and procedures which support the operating of Saplings Day Nursery. The main ones are listed below.


This is in place to re-assure you as parents that we take the safety of your child as our primary importance. We have a legal responsibility to raise any concerns with the Local Safeguarding Board to ensure that the individual needs of every child are met and that they have the right to develop and grow within a secure environment. All disclosures and any valid information is kept confidential. The manager is our designated Child Protection Officer. All staff of Saplings Day Nursery complete child protection training to ensure their knowledge is kept up to date.

Uncollected child

If a child is not collected from Saplings Day Nursery at the end of the day there are agreed procedures which are immediately implemented. At no times is the child left alone. We will telephone the child’s appointed contacts as supplied within the registration form. All reasonable attempts are made to contact the parents or nominated carers. If no–one collects the child then we will contact the Local Authority’s social services team.

Late collection of children

An additional fee of £5 is charged for every 15 minutes that you have not collected your child in order to cover additional staff costs.


Saplings Day Nursery’s fees are invoiced on a monthly basis. We request that payment is promptly made, full fees must be paid for all unplanned absences including any illness. Your child is entitled to two weeks holiday during the year which operates from September to August, plus bank holidays. Any holiday entitlement which is taken over and above this period will need to be paid for in full. Please submit your completed holiday form to the Manager.


Fees are set by The Committee each September and are valid for the current year.

Health & Safety

Saplings Day Nursery promotes an environment which is safe and secure for all children who attend our setting. Regular Risk Assessments are undertaken to ensure the physical environment, resources and equipment are all safe for the children to use.

Behaviour Policy

Saplings Day Nursery recognises the individuality of all children and operates a policy where any challenging behaviour is appropriately managed with a consistent approach from all staff.

Equal Opportunities

Saplings Day Nursery ensures that it is a fully inclusive setting that meets the individual and diverse needs of children and their families within our local community.

Special Educational Needs

Saplings Day Nursery supports parents and children who may have any additional educational or physical needs. We work in partnership with both the parents and other agencies to best meet the needs of the child. We have a designated member of staff who is responsible for SEN. development.


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