Our Fees

These are reviewed annually and parents/carers are invoiced at the beginning of each month in advance. We ask that fees are paid within the invoice date. Saplings fees continue to be payable if your child is absent. In cases of prolonged absences i.e. hospitalisation, parents should consult the Manager about fee payment. Only in exceptional circumstances will payment be accepted in arrears. Each child’s attendance at the Nursery is conditional upon continued payment of any necessary fees and /or eligibility to receive government funding.

Your child is entitled to receive Government funding of 15 hours free nursery education per week, the term following their third birthday. For example, if your child’s birthday is in November then they will eligible for funding in the January. Nursery Funding is offered each term for 38 weeks of the year. For any further time that you may require above the 15 hours then please refer to Saplings fee structure for the additional charges.

Registration Fee

All new children registering at Saplings will be required to pay a one off payment of £20 as a registration fee.

This will cover administration fees and taster visits prior to your child’s start date. The fee is payable upon return of your completed enrolment form. This form will need to be returned to the office prior to your child starting with us.

Session fees

0 -2 year room fees are £5.50 per hour.

For pre-school fees are payable in three-hour blocks and the hourly rate is £4.50.

Late collection fees

Parents/carers will be invoiced £5.00 for every 15 minutes  that the child is not collected from Saplings, as a late collection fee to cover our additional costs.


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