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Saplings child readingThe Staff undergo first aid training and parents/carers are contacted if a child becomes ill or has an accident. It is, therefore essential that we have an emergency telephone number where parents/ carers can be contacted quickly should the need arise. In an emergency additional medical advice may be sought and acted upon, prior to contacting the parents.

All accidents are recorded in the Accident Book, and minor injuries are brought to the attention of the parent/ carer when the child is collected from Saplings.

Please do not bring your child into Saplings in the worst stages of a cold, if he /she has vomited or has had diarrhoea in the previous 24 hours. If your child has head lice please notify us, we do sometimes have this problem but prompt action on the part of parents and Saplings will keep it in check.

We are unable to administer medication to your child, if your child is not well then please do not bring them into Saplings. At least two members of staff with a current paediatric first aid certificate are on the premises at all times when children are present.


Saplings lunch timeOur babies’ dietary needs are met in conjunction with the wishes of the parents.

All children who attend Saplings are provided with a wide variety of healthy snacks including fruit, cheese, carbohydrates and milk (which is free of charge) or water twice a day. Please tell us if your child has any special dietary needs or allergy and we will ensure that these are catered for. There is a “tea-time” for those children who stay all day at 4.30pm.

If your child attends all day and does not attend our 0-2 room then they are welcome to a cooked meal at lunchtime, the current cost can be provided by the Administration Officer. Please pay for this service as you order your child’s meal. The children are also welcome to bring a nutritious healthy packed lunch. These should be brought in a suitable container, with a cool pack and clearly marked with the child’s name. In the interests of safety hot drinks are not permitted. Fresh drinking water is always available and is provided at mealtimes, but in the warmer weather we would recommend that you bring in a suitable container of water for your child.

Staff members who are responsible for the preparation and handling of food are competent to do so and some have undertaken the relevant Food Hygiene Training. Other staff have received on the job training to re-enforce expectations of good practice and hygiene.


Saplings rest timeA member of staff is specifically allocated to care for your child. This Key Person will make sure that your child feels happy and safe at Saplings and respond to their feelings, ideas and behaviour. They will communicate with you regularly both formally at the Consultation session where you will share your child’s “Learning Journal” and talk about the next steps for his / her development, and informally on a day to day basis. The Key Person will help your child to settle and be a secure ‘base’ for your child to explore Saplings’ environment.

Saplings offer an inclusive practice where all children are supported to achieve their full potential. If your child has any special educational needs or disability we will liaise with outside agencies, for example the Speech Therapist or Area Inco, with your written authorisation.

To support the individual needs of your child and offer him or her the best opportunities there are two named members of staff who have responsibility for these children. The staff at Saplings complies with the Special Needs Code of Practice (2001) and promote positive behaviour for all children who attend.Saplings has an effective behaviour management policy which all members of staff adhere to, ensuring that all children’s behaviour is effectively managed in a manner which is appropriate to their stage of development and their individual needs.

Child Protection

Saplings have a duty under the law to safeguard children. The setting works in partnership with parents to support children in every way possible. However, it does have a responsibility to ensure that in promoting the safety and protection of the children it complies with legislation from the Local Safeguarding Board, requirements from the Early Years Foundation Stage Welfare Guidance and the Department for Children Families & schools – “Working Together” publication. Saplings will refer some concerns about the wellbeing of a child to the local Referral and Assessment Team. All staff are made aware of the procedures they need to adhere to when ensuring the safety of the children in their care. Saplings have nominated a designated person, who has undertaken relevant Child Protection Training, to take a special responsibility for this. The staffs are made aware of the need to maintain privacy and confidentiality and to respect the individual needs of the child and their family.


From time to time we would like to take your child out of the setting. Most of these visits will be within the immediate locality. It is very difficult to predict the weather, or the satisfying of a particular interest of the children, so it would be very helpful if we could have your written signed consent for these outings. Permissions slips are available from the Reception. If we plan to take your child further afield there will be a special letter detailing arrangements. Risk assessments are always completed prior to any visit.

Risk Assessments

To ensure that your child is safe at all times daily risk assessments are the responsibility of all staff, although there is a nominated person who is responsible to oversee Health and Safety. Saplings operates an effective policy which includes procedures for identifying, reporting and dealing with accidents, hazards and faulty equipment to ensure that any potential hazard to any child/children is kept to a minimum.

Saplings practices regular fire evacuation procedures to ensure that all children are aware of the routines that they have to follow in the event of an emergency.


At Saplings we provide many opportunities for children to explore and investigate, this can mean that they sometimes get messy. We ask that all removable clothing, such as jumpers /coats are clearly named. Any items of clothing which are not recovered are placed in our designated container and will be available within Reception. At the end of each half term these items of clothing will be removed.

There is no formal uniform for Saplings, but we do have T/shirts and sweatshirts for sale. Please enquire at the Reception for details of these.


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